Innovations in Watercolors

An offering of my newest works, including paintings ranging in size from 10"x7" up to 24"x40". Prices range from $150 to $1800.

Many of the works shown are used to source Colors In Motion. Combining my imagery with poetry, dance, photography, music and soundscapes, the multimedia visuals bring beauty and centered calm to our busy lives.
These original paintings are becoming collectibles, as Colors In Motion transitions into the global marketplace, by utilizing this innovative art form to make the experience of public spaces more creatively engaging and relaxing.

DVDs of Colors In Motion's TOUCHSTONEs may be purchased for $20 each.

Compositions of Five

Original watercolors on a theme.

A collectable, pre-selected vertical composition of five framed, 4"x6" original watercolors, offering you an opportunity to create your own grouping depending on your aesthetic and spacial requirements- for home or business.