I have had the opportunity to use Colors In Motion by Linda DeHart in several national and international presentations on the importance of transparency, apology and support following adverse medical events. These presentations can elicit powerful reactions as healthcare providers are reminded about the emotional stress of these events and the impact that they have on patients, families and themselves. Closing the presentation with the showing of a segment of Colors In Motion provided audiences with an opportunity to restore a sense of peace and calm before returning to their hectic healthcare routines. Members of the audience frequently came up afterwards in gratitude and expressing the great benefit that Colors In Motion could have in the daily care environment for patients and care providers. Their responses convince me that Linda DeHart's work will have a profound role in the compassionate transformation of healthcare.

Frederick van Pelt, MD, MBA
Director, Global Programs | Partners Harvard Medical International

In today's economic climate, healthcare providers are increasingly required to demonstrate the value and effectiveness of treatments. Practitioners that incorporate healing modalities such as Colors in Motion into the care pathway will, I believe, demonstrate the greatest evidence of improved outcomes. This, in turn, will transform the way healthcare is delivered in the future.

Anne Avidon
Vice Consul for Healthcare | British Consulate-General, Boston

Watching Colors in Motion is like having a reset button for the day. During the recent implementation of a new electronic medical record system at our hospital and tension and stress was high. Taking just 5 minutes to watch Colors In Motion, I left feeling calm and relaxed. It was definitely the best part of my whole day.

Sarah Collins
Wellness Coordinator | Mount Auburn Hospital

What anxious patient or family could not find comfort in Linda DeHart's remarkable DVD, Colors in Motion. In the privacy of their room or home, in waiting rooms and treatment centers, and in staff lounges for dedicated clinicians, DeHart's compositions of stunning artwork and matched musical scores provide balm for the soul and respite from the struggles of healing.

J. Christopher Cutler
Hospital Consultant | Cutler & Co.